WordPress vs Web Development

wordpress vs web development


A great website is absolutely essential to launching your business. You should weigh the pros and cons of custom web development vs WordPress development, with professional design.

Following are the Comparison factors of WordPress Development vs Custom Web Development


For Seo Purposes, WordPress has a number of plugins and tools, and it is usually ranked higher for the keywords used in the content. While on the other hand, a Custom Website gives users complete control over the code, enabling it to be constructed in an SEO-friendly manner from beginning to end.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly📱

For Responsiveness, In WordPress, it is possible to make your Website Mobile-Responsive with the aid of many plugins and tools including a range of mobile-friendly themes. While on the other hand, A custom Website allows you the option to completely manipulate the design flexibility and Responsiveness of the website.


When it comes to the Fast-Development process, It is easier to get a WordPress Website Developed Quickly than a Custom Website since there are many Plugins and Templates available for the client to choose from.

Easy to Manage👨‍🔧

When it comes to managing a website, With WordPress you can build a full-featured website in a matter of hours without any prior web development knowledge, so therefore it is easy to manage. While on the other hand, Custom Website requires a lot of professional Web Development (Programming/CODE) knowledge which makes it hard to manage.

Protected from Hackers🧛‍♂️

With Custom Web Development, it will be more difficult to hack your website or steal data content, since it will be built with custom code that is harder to crack. While on the other hand, A WordPress website has one major disadvantage which is that hackers can easily hack your site and steal your data. However, if you make sure to maintain your site regularly, they won’t be able to hack your website or spam your data. Also, there are many plugins that provide the feature to fully protect your WordPress website. This option makes WordPress again the best choice platform for the user to go for building their website with WordPress.


When it comes to cost-effectiveness, It is very cost-effective and under your budget to use WordPress. On the other hand, building a custom website is significantly more expensive and costlier.


The selection of the right website and developer for your business is the first step to success. After considering your business goals and ideas, select a WordPress Website or Custom website. If you have already chosen an option from the above, make sure to hire an experienced developer who understands your business requirements and tries to take your business to new heights after they design the website.

WordPress websites can offer all of the features of custom sites in a shorter timeframe. As a Content Management System (CMS), WordPress websites can be easily updated, added to, and changed by yourself or by the developer that you hired. So I don’t say that you should have to go with WordPress which is for sure the Best Choice.

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