What is a WordPress Website


WordPress powers about 40% of all internet websites, which is more than 10% compared to 2016 stats, and these numbers continue to increase. WordPress began in 2003. What is a WordPress website? What are the types of WordPress websites & Why should I choose WordPress? We are going to dive deep into it so stay tuned!

What is a WordPress Website?

A WordPress website is an open source CMS (content management system), written in PHP programming language and linked with a database of MySQL. WordPress allows you to create a website from scratch or improve your existing website. WordPress is easy to use and has a vast community of users that can help you. Additionally, WordPress is a very versatile platform, which means you can add a lot of functionality to your website by using plugins and themes.

A WordPress site is more than just a website, It allows you to manage all of your precious data in one place which is it’s Dashboard

What are the types of WordPress Websites?

WordPress can be used to build a variety of websites, some of which are as follows:

  • Blog website
  • E-commerce website
  • Portfolio website
  • Business website
  • Forum website
  • LMS website
  • Matrimonial website

Blog Website

Blogging is a type of website dedicated to sharing thoughts, pictures, reviews, tutorials, recipes, and more. Blogs feature the most recent posts first.

E-Commerce Website

If you want to have an online store on your WordPress website, you can download and install an E-Commerce plugin so you can extend the default functionality of WordPress.

Portfolio Website

WordPress Portfolio Website can be used to showcase your artwork, design abilities, skills, and much more

Business Website

There are many business benefits, to having their own website. If your business needs a website to inform customers about your company, WordPress is an excellent choice.

Forum Website

In many cases, WordPress websites are used to run forums that allow users to ask questions or share advice.

LMS Website

E-Learning websites allow students to take online courses, track their progress, download resources, and more. WordPress LMS plugins enable you to offer online courses from your WordPress site.

Matrimonial Website

You can create a WordPress wedding website quickly and easily with one of the many available WordPress wedding themes.

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The Benefits of choosing WordPress Websites

  • Cost-Free: You can download and use WordPress software for free on WordPress.org, but you’ll need to pay for web hosting and a domain name.
  • Flexibility: Whatever you choose to do, WordPress will be able to adapt to it. From small businesses to e-commerce stores, WordPress caters to everyone.
  • Simplicity: WordPress website is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to publish and build your website content quickly.
  • Feature of fully Customizable with Themes and Plugins: With WordPress themes, you can customize the appearance of your website as well as its functionality. Plugin, on the other hand, provides features that cater to specific needs, such as shopping carts, contact forms, galleries, and more.
  • No-Code: A WordPress Website can be built without knowing how to code. WordPress uses many languages, but you don’t need to know any of them.
  • SEO: It is important to note that search engine optimization (SEO) begins at a technical level, and WordPress has an excellent code base for SEO. SEO allows your website’s content to be discovered by common search engines such as google or bing.

How to build a WordPress Website

The following are the essential ingredients for building a WordPress website:

  • Domain Name: On the Internet, this will be the address of your website.
  • Web Hosting: In this, You will store your website’s data.
  • WordPress Theme: The Design & Layout of your Website are determined by Theme.
  • Plugins: The Plugins will add functionality to your website with contact forms, social media sharing buttons, etc.


Here is a brief overview of WordPress that I hope you’ve found useful.

As you have learned by now, WordPress can do a lot. I have used many other applications for building websites, but I continue to use WordPress for creating and maintaining websites because it is so easy to use.

Its popularity also attracts many developers to the platform. New WordPress themes and plugins are being released every day, and the platform is well supported approximately by all hosting providers.

Thanks for your attention.

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